Mint the 1st REAL ART NFT on Binance Smart Chain

These 1'000 Vector Graphics are real art pieces. Each is unique and beautiful and will live on the blockchain for eternity. Take part in the journey of the Valkyries and become an owner of a piece of BSC history.


In a future not far from now, earth's population has increased fivefold. The situation is critical. Food and other resources are running short. The world government decided to release a virus called "Morana" with the intent of inhibiting further population growth. Leading scientists planned on genetically modifying all humans through intercalation of artificially designed viral vectors. It was supposed to restrict all females in the world from giving birth to more than one child in their lifetime. Then once the population growth was back under control, the next step of their plan was to reverse the genetic modification to slowly increase and stabilize the birthrate again. The problem was that the artificial virus, Morana had a plan of of it own and mutated in an unexpected way. It caused all woman to only give birth to female children. Humankind as a whole was facing extinction. After years of further research by all combined scientific forces the conclusion was clear. The Morana Virus was irreversible and would eventually lead to the total extinction of humankind from the planet. Humankind fell into a deep depression due to the inevitable, until the so-called Valkyries were discovered on the island of Valhalla. Apparently all female on the island were immune to Morana and Scientists discovered a cure right after taking the first experiments with their genetic code.


100% minted
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Disclaimer: Every NFT is a separate ticket to win the prize, this way you can multiply your chance to win.


Valkyries on BNB

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